“Belij Ais” Moldovan brandy – 0,5L


Classified among the most popular brandy of Moldavians, this spirit has a colorful, amber and gracefully golden color. Sweet aromas of vanilla married to a full taste, subtle all in harmony. Here are the promises made by this brandy from Moldova.

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Belij Aist meaning White Stork represents a true symbol in Moldova. Firstly because it is a most popular brand in this hot country but also because the stork plays an important role according to a Moldavian legend.

In fact, according to legend, the stork flew with bunches of grapes in the beak and dropped by flying over the villages of the country. Thus, it saved from famine Moldovans held in the fortress of Horodiste at the time besieged by the Turkish army.

In addition to this beautiful legend, this brandy is also of unequaled quality. Indeed, the Moldavian Masters Distillers produce this spirit from high quality grapes grown in the center of the country. In warm, sun-drenched regions, these grapes offer aromas that are not to be missed. With a 5-year distillate, you now have every reason to discover this Moldovan spirit. You will not be disappointed!

Suggestion: a little glass of Moldavian brandy is only more appreciated when accompanied by a small charcuterie. Think, for example, to accompany it with a few slices of poultry sausage.

Store in a cool, dark place. To consume with moderation. Not recommended for pregnant women. Sale prohibited to minors. Do not store in the sunlight.

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